Products & Brands For Export

Our breweries produce a variety of high-quality beers in accordance with the German Beer Purity Law of 1516. Learn more about the brands that are part of the German Brewery Cooperation's portfolio and available for export here.

Our Brands

We offer a wide variety of brands, some of which have been successful on the European beer market for many years. They are sold as part of a permanent assortment or as temporary product promotions in the German retail, wholesale or specialised trade. Whether pilsner,  Hefeweizen or craft and speciality beers, our articles are popular with customers. We also develop new brands and products based on customer requests. Please contact us for more information.

Our Containers & Sizes

GBC’s breweries offer the following container types for export:

0.25l Bottles & Cans
025-l-sn-flasche 0.25l Shortneck[/caption]025-l-ln-flasche 0.25l Longneck[/caption]025-l-dose 0.25l Can (Dose)[/caption]
0.5l Bottles & Cans
0.5l NRW[/caption]0.5l Longneck 0.5l Longneck[/caption]0.5l Euro 0.5l Euro[/caption]0.5l Dose 0.5l Dose[/caption]
5l Cans
5l Partyfass 5l Partyfass[/caption]
0.33l Bottles & Cans
0.33l Stubby 0.33l Stubby[/caption]0.33l Longneck 0.33l Longneck[/caption]0.33l Dose 0.33l Dose[/caption]
1l Cans
1l Dose 1l Dose[/caption]

In addition, the following containers are also available Barrel


Petainer (plastic KEG): 20 l, 30 l, 50 l
Delivered as non-returnable kegs without a deposit

Steel-KEG: 30 l, 50 l
Delivered with a refundable deposit

German Beer Brewery Export Cooperation