About the German Brewery Cooperation

We are not just a brewery We are a brewery network and your solution!


Together, the GBC's breweries have several hundred years of experience and expertise in the beer and beverage business. That knowledge is not limited to the German or European beer market. Exports to many countries all over the world have become an essential part of our daily business.

Premium ingredients, regular quality control and top-quality products are a given in our day-to-day work, whether we’re producing pilsner, lager, Hefeweizen (wheat beer) or Schwarzbier (black beer). Beers brewed in strict accordance with the Reinheitsgebot, or German Beer Purity Law, are the foundation of our assortment.

Consumers are also increasingly interested in speciality beers. These include sweet beers, such as Porters and honey ales, but also beers with whisky extracts, stouts, craft beers, and Belgian specialities (such as Witte beer). We do not close ourselves off from this new market segment. Made from all-natural ingredients in accordance with strict quality standards those beers are also included in our offering.


Achieving goals together Take advantage of our network

Whether it's large volumes of 100 containers or more per year, or smaller amounts starting at a minimum purchase of one container - we will find a solution for you.

Our breweries offer your product the way you want it - from the right brewery and in the right packaging, whether 250 ml glass or 1,000 ml plastic bottle, 0.5 l can or 30 l Petainer keg.

German Beer Brewery Export Cooperation