German Beer - A Global Export Hit

German beer is loved and desired all over the world. High quality standards, the German Beer Purity Law and, in some cases, centuries of brewing experience ensure that German breweries are the world's most competent beer producers.

Our brewery network is made up of medium-sized, owner-operated breweries. In addition to Germany and Europe, our core sales markets today include Asia, the Americas and Africa. Our comprehensive experience and thorough knowledge of export practices form the basis of our business activities.

No amount too small no order too large

We work with you to define products, including presentation, brand and schedule, based on order amount, product type and packaging.

Quantity units per container, 40-foot or 20-foot container, loaded with or without pallets: we will agree the technical details with you based on product and brewery.

No amount is too small and no order is too big for us. Our goal is to offer you, our customer, the best possible quality. This includes an attractive price-performance ratio in addition to a premium product and professional logistics.

Take advantage of the benefits of our brewery network

We already have a broad range of brands that are being sold in Germany and Europe. The same range is available for export, and we also accommodate individual requests.

With our comprehensive networking expertise, huge product portfolio and sales experience both online and offline we can also support your marketing efforts with ideas for products, packaging or design.

We are passionate about exporting. WE are YOUR partner when it comes to beer.

German Beer Brewery Export Cooperation