GBC Breweries

Our partners produce a variety of high-quality beers, all brewed in accordance with the German Beer Purity Law of 1516. Learn more about the breweries that are part of the German Brewery Cooperation portfolio and ready to export here

Neunspringer Brauerei // Ninesprings Destillerie

The brewery was founded on 11 September 1867 in Worbis (Thuringia) by Carl Cuntze. Neunspringer Brauerei is a speciality brewery that produces 15 speciality beers, some of them unique. In addition to the familiar Lutheran beers they make whisky beers, Holzkraft-brand wood-flavoured beers and Neunspringer beers. The brewery is also home to the famous "Ninesprings" whisky distillery, which creates premium award-winning whiskies.

Brauerei Westheim

westheimThis brewery in North Rhine-Westphalia has been making beer since 1840. It produces top-fermented and bottom-fermented speciality beers, such as light and dark top-fermented beers, wheat beers, black beers and lagers. That makes it a true speciality brewery whose beers have won numerous trophies. CEO Moritz von Twickel carries on the family tradition of managing the brewery.

Hafendestillerie- und Brauerei GmbH

loitzerThe small Hafendestillerie- und Brauerei GmbH in Loitz (West Pomerania) is dedicated to the development and production of top-quality spirits and speciality beers. Situated at a river port, it uses peat, honey and other natural local ingredients to craft unique beverages of the Hafenbräu, Torfkopp and Whisky-Torf brands.

Privatbrauerei Olbernhau

The history of the Olbernhau city brewery dates back to the year 1896. In those days, the privileges of a lord of the manor included the right to brew beer. Olbernhau beer was therefore made at the manor. Today, the brewery ships regional specialities, such as Stülpner-Bräu.

Bierundmehr - Gifts of all kinds

480x320_iphone, located in Landsberg bei Halle, is one of Germany's largest online beer shops. More than 1,500 different products produced by the breweries listed above are shipped from the company's warehouse daily. The company fills 1-litre and 3-litre bottles for the German market. In all, it supplies over 1,000 German merchants with beers, top-quality spirits and wines.

Einsiedler Brauhaus


Emil Schwab founded the Saxon brewery in 1885. He also worked as an equipment manufacturer and held numerous patents related to brewing technology. The brewery has an annual capacity of more than 350,000 hl of beer. Over 20 different beers, speciality beers and about a dozen non-alcoholic beverages are produced in Einsiedel. One of the beers is named Schwalbe-Bräu in honour of the founder.

Brauerei Egerer


Egerer Brewery in Großköllnbach, Bavaria was founded in 1931 by Wilhelm Egerer and has been owned by the family ever since. The brewery produces top-quality Bavarian speciality beers. The outstanding quality of the company's own well water also benefits the brewery's wheat, lager and black beers. The brewery currently produces more than 140 different products.



Creck Ltd & Co KG manages a number of domestic and international business transactions for the German Brewery Cooperation from its offices in Berlin. The company has been active in the German food trade for 20 years and is your partner for imports and exports. 

Its leaders have been active in the beer and beverage industry for decades. They acquired the necessary experience and knowledge while working in sales and management at various large and medium-sized breweries (including "Krombacher", Germany's largest brewery). 

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